Stonyfold Farm and Beacon Fell

Date: 2nd May 2018 @ 4:37pm

On Wednesday 2nd May 2018 Year 3 visited Stonyfold Farm and Beacon Fell. When we arrived, we met Farmer Mark and Mark and Lee who work for the country trust. We went in to a class room and Farmer Mark told us all about the wildlife  that can be found in the surrounding area. We looked at nesting  boxes where the barn owls live, we saw a stuffed badger, fox, sparrowhawk and stoats. We found out that barn owls don't fly when it is raining and stoats camouflage themselves during winter and summer by changing the colour of their coats. 

Eventually, we made our way up to the farm and we were so excited to see all of the animals. First of all we went to see the dairy cows and the beef cows. The beef cows were very big and Farmer Mark told us that they have to weigh 650kg before they are taken to market. The dairy cows were very small because they were calves and they will only start producing milk when they are two years old. We also found out that dairy cows drink between 60 - 70 litres of water per day! 

Whilst Farmer Mark was getting the lambs ready we took it in turns to sit on a huge tractor and a blue quad bike, some of us sat in the bucket of the tractor and Miss Bogert took our photograph. 

When we realised we could feed the lambs we were incredibly excited, they were only 1 week old and extremely cute. We also saw an 8 hour old lamb but we couldn't go too close because its' mother was very nervous and protective. We fed the other lambs warm milk and enjoyed stroking them, they were orphan lambs which means their mothers didn't want to look after them because they couldn't produce enough milk. We saw piglets and Lee told us how clean pigs are compared to other farm animals such as cows. 

Before we walked back to the class room to have our lunch we met Farmer Mark's new puppy - Bertie the cavapoo. We also had a look at all the different types of animals feeds. 

We headed back to the class room to wash our hands and have our lunch, after that we got back on the coach and drove over to Beacon Fell. We had a toilet break then we went for a walk - it became very windy and we had a race to the trig point. 

We had a great day and we learnt lots of fascinating farmyard facts .



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