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Welcome to Year 5 from Mr Wilson, Mrs Ormerod and Miss Jackson 


Good morning. I hope everyone is well and staying safe?

Dear Parents/carers,

This is the fourth week of home learning, I completely understand that home-learning is not ideal and can prove to challenging at times, but please know we are here as a school family to support you. Both the health and wellbeing of the children and yourselves are hugely important. The children have already missed so much school, so it is very important that we continue with our learning journey and keep the children engaged with their activities as best we can.

I have added sessions to each child's home-learning page which can be completed and uploaded following the instructions given. You may need to insert text boxes to the word documents to fill in the answers without printing the pages.

You can add any other home-learning activities to your child's scrapbook page or send them to me via the email provided.

Alongside the activities on our class page, I will update the 2Dos on Purple Mash.

Children who currently access IDL in school can also do so at home through Children should know their login details, but if you have any difficulty, just email me. 

Week beginning 25th January

MATHS: - Unit 8 - Fractions

Please look at Power Maths textbook content, further down this page, then complete the practise book activities, which can be found on each child's, own page on School Spider. 

25.01.21 – lesson 1 – Equivalent fractions

26.01.21 – lesson 2 - Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers

27-01-21 – lesson 3 - Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions

28-01-21 – lesson 4 - Numbers sequences

29-01-21 – lesson 5 - Comparing and ordering fractions (1)

ENGLISH: - Danny Champion of the World

25.01.21 - Monday

Read Danny Champion of the World – chapter 1 or listen here Danny Champion of the World - read aloud

Based on what you have read, do you think Danny is rich or poor? Use evidence from the text to support your answer. Now create a character profile for Danny based on what you have read in Chapter 1. Make sure to use words and phrases from the text.

26.01.21 – Tuesday

Read chapters 2 and 3 of Danny the Champion of the World, ‘The Big Friendly Giant’ and ‘Cars and Kites and Fireballoons’. Use the information in the text to create a character profile for Danny’s dad making sure you use words and phrases from the text.

27.01.21 – Wednesday

Read and chapter 4 of the story, My Father’s Deep Dark Secret. What is Danny’s dad’s secret? How do you think Danny feels about his dad’s secret? Why? Give reasons for your answer.

28.01.21 – Thursday

Read chapter 5 – The Secret Methods

Create a poster explaining the two methods Danny’s Dad describes for how to catch a pheasant, ‘The Horse-hair Stopper’ and ‘The Sticky Hat. Make your poster eye-catching and interesting by including images, an exciting title and words and phrases. You could even invent your own way of catching a pheasant.

Friday – 29.01.21

Read chapters 6 and 7 from the book. Based on these two chapters, predict what might happen next.

Think about these questions: Will Danny find his Dad? If he does, where is he? Why didn’t he return home? Will they be able to leave Hazel’s Wood without being caught?

Use the plans attached further down the page, complete the sessions using the web links to help


Houdini Does it Again! is on your homework page. Read the text first then answer the questions that follow using full sentences.

Science Mechanisms - Levers - 25.01.21

Build your own lever using household materials and investigate the smallest weight you use to lift a given object. You may find this link useful - How do levers work?

TOPIC: - Medieval Britain

25/01/21 – Attack the Castle

Plan an attack on a medieval castle. You have limited money and supplies and need to decide how best to attack the castle, you have 3000 groats to spend.

Watch this video before you start. Look at the different methods used to attack the castle AND to defend it! Robin Hood - attack on the castle  Attacking and defending a castle Attacking a castle


25/01/21 -   

Jesus taught a lot about the Kingdom of God – it was central to his teaching. But what exactly is the Kingdom of God, and how do people enter it? If God’s Kingdom came and life on earth was as it is in Heaven, what would life be like? Write poem about the Kingdom using simile and metaphor or create  The kingdom of God

What will God's Kingdom be like?


Staying active is important as ever over this period of lockdown. To help with this, I have attached resources from SPAR Lancashire school Games with some ideas of physical activities which can be done at home.  

Also, Hyndburn Sports Partnership have launched a physical activity challenge that will take place until the end of February half term (and hopefully the end of lockdown!) For every 15 mins of activity that a pupil completes, they will earn an Active point for our school.  It would be great to get as many of our children taking part as possible

Each child would need to complete the physical activity tracker (attached below) and return it to their class teacher at the end of February half term (either hard copy or digitally). The total active points will then be calculated. Prizes will be awarded for the most active schools and the most active families and individuals.

I have attached a document showing some ideas of ways to get active. 

If you have any questions or queries to  and I will do my best to help.

Mr Wilson


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