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Mrs Taylor

Year 5

Mrs Ormerod


Dear Parents/ Carers,

Welcome back, I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas break.  

In Literacy this half term, we will be exploring suspense in writing, we will be particulary looking at story openers. We will also be examining the vocabulary and structure of an explanation text and producing our own, hopefully we will be able to link this to our new science unit. We will be reading this half term ‘The lion Witch and the wardrobe’ as our class novel. We read Kensukes kingdom last half term and the children really enjoyed it. We will be looking at persuasive writing and hopefully creating a leaflet.

In Numeracy we will be focussing on multiplication and division and then looking at Fractions. With this in mind, please ensure your child practices their timetables, it will make accessing these units easier.  

Our new topics this half term is Anglo-Saxons and Viking invasions. We will be looking at how they lived and what impact they have had on our lives today.

In Science, we are exploring mechanism particulary looking at levers, cams, cogs, pulleys and incline planes. We will look at the effect these simple machines have on moving objects. 

Once again as always, I must reiterate the importance of reading, this not only develops a love of reading but also develops imagination which is essential for story writing. Please wherever possible encourage your child to read at home and bring their Home reading and library books back into school when they are ready to change them.

As I mentioned before we are wanting to inspire a love of reading if your child is not enjoying their school book and prefers to read a book of their own please just make a note in the reading book journal so that the children can be rewarded for reading for pleasure.

Thank you for your continued support.    

Mrs K Taylor.











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