'Reaching our potential together in Christ'


At St Mary Magdalen’s we believe that History lends itself to the development of certain key attitudes and values in children, many of which are pertinent to the aims of our mission statement and are accessible to all children. These key attitudes are:


  • Interest
  • Empathy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Curiosity
  • A sense of awe and wonder
  • The willingness to ask questions
  • Tolerance
  • Fairness
  • A sense of right and wrong
  • An awareness of the diversity of cultural developments and thus a respect for the history and ethnic origins of others.



  1. To enable pupils to gain an understanding of the past and how they themselves fit into the pattern of past and present in Britain and the other parts of the world, giving them a greater sense of their own identity. This as appropriate to their age, ability and aptitude.

  2. To give pupils a greater sense of how people and events of the past shape a national and personal identity and how this affects both other people and life in the present day.

  3. To encourage a lively and questioning approach to History which enables children to enjoy what they are doing. This should include encouraging an informed and responsible scepticism.

  4. To encourage an awareness that though there are cross-curricular links, the study of the past is a separate and important discipline.

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