'Reaching our potential together in Christ'

Mission Statement

At St Mary Magdalen's we believe that:

We must Inspire our children, and in order to do this we must :

  • Promote Enjoyment;

  • Strive for Happiness;

  • Develop an environment where children are  glad to come to school;

  • Celebrate our successes;

  • Always aim to have health and well-being.

By accepting God's word, Love will always be at the centre of our school and we will show this by:

  • Remembering our uniqueness; 

  • Believing in equality and accepting and respecting differences;

  • Living by our Christian values;

  • Forging partnerships; 

  • Being Forgiving;

  • Accepting forgiveness;

  • Showing patience; 

  • Being prayerful; 

  • Ensuring there is a safe environment both physically and emotionally for our children and staff to grow in;

  • Having  self-reflection;

  • Remembering our  spirituality;

  • Creating a love of learning.

When we Educate our children we must:

  • Ensure that all our children achieve their full potential;

  • Remember the whole child;

  • Have high expectations in all areas for all our children;

  • Create a curriculum to stimulate all our children.

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