We Are Reading is a Lancashire-wide campaign aimed at promoting and encouraging reading for pleasure for all our young people. The campaign will run from March 2018-March 2019.

Reading is at the heart of the curriculum at St Mary Magdalen’s. We believe that reading is the key to success. We want to foster a love of reading in ALL children. We believe that children should read and enjoy books from as early as possible. Therefore we promote reading for pleasure as strongly as we teach the skill of reading.

We are improving our library system and hope to soon have a well-stocked, up to date library and we will encourage all pupils to use this weekly. We have daily Reading Clubs where children come along and read for pleasure.

Your generosity in the sponsored read bought our reading hut for the playground last year and this year we will purchase some lovely new books with the money raised. Children will receive their sponsored read certificates next week, if you still have any sponsor money at home, please send into school it’s not too late to support us.

Each class in Key Stage 2 has a termly class novel that they read as often as possible and this is purely for enjoyment!

Classes in Key Stage 1 will read a variety of books for pleasure throughout the term.

Your child's class page on our new website will soon show which books they are enjoying each term.


Can you help us? We have set a challenge of 100 books to read before you leave Primary school. We are aiming to stock all these books in the library and we need your help to do so. We are encouraging all staff and children, instead of bringing in cakes and sweets on their birthdays, to donate a book. The book will have a special recognition placed in the front to show who it has kindly been donated by and will be a lasting memory of your child in our school. There is a list of books attached and a display of 100 books to read before you leave year 6 is up in the school library. Each time we get a new book we will display it on our new website that is due to be launched very soon.

Thank you so much in advance !

See below for new books in our library.



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