'Reaching our potential together in Christ'

School Council


Meet our St Mary Magdalen's School Council 

Year 2 

Brooke and Bailey


Year 3

Faye and Kevin

Year 4

Areeba and Rylan

Year 5

Cara and Zak

Year 6

Bailey and Alex


Every class votes for two children to be their class council representative.  


The children then meet up regularly to discuss various issues, such as; Eco awareness, fundrising ideas for charities, to themes for fancy dress days and how to improve our school and it's ground.



Here at St Mary Magdalen's CE Primary School we have a wonderful group of children that help and look after all pupils in school at break and lunchtime.


The role of Playground Buddies involves:

  • helping children find new friends
  • making children feel comfortable and welcome
  • including children who are lonely and helping them to play games
  • giving support to children to find solutions to a problem
  • being fair and not taking sides
  • helping children if they fall over and comforting them
  • helping children to find something if they've lost it in the playground
  • teaching new games
  • asking the playtime supervisors if they are unsure of what to do in a situation
  • helping  to put away playtime equipment


First Aiders



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