Tuesday 20/10/20

Good morning 

Thank you again for your continued support during this tricky time, I hope you are all well.  I have uploaded work onto purple mash and prepared a pack for each child that is available from the office.

In the pack there is a English unit of work based around a model text with activities. The unit follows the talk 4 writing structure which is what we have been following in class. Please encourage your child to talk about the story and think about how it could be changed and what they enjoyed or didn't like. We are currently looking at basic sentence structure looking at capital letters, full stops and exploring joining words 'and' , 'but' and 'because' please encourage your child to spot any joining words in the text. 

I have also included a place value booklet for your child to work through. We have been looking at our 2,5 and 10 times table so it would be fantastic if you could practise these. We have also been exploring number bonds to 100 (eg:43 +____=100) practising this skill would be very useful.

Also included in the pack are some high frequency words and sounds. If you child could practise spelling the high frequency words that would be helpful, as these are often not phonetically decodable so are difficult to spell. 

I have included my email address and obviously school is still open if you need any help.

If you are unable to get into the ofice to get your child's pack I will update this page daily with activies for your child to work through along with the Purple mash activies. 

Please do not worry, this is a very unusual way of learning and your childs health and well being is the most important thing. Get through what you can and leave what you can't and if you need any support with anything please contact us.  

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs K Taylor. 



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