Monday 13th July 2020 .

Good Morning Year 5. I hope you are well. This is our last week before the summer break. There will be no English activities like the previous weeks however there is still the Oak National activities. There is also purple mash activities to be getting on with.   

I know that some of you have collected your Powermaths workbooks as the text books are online, if you have finished the 5B book please contact me and if you would like, I can organise for you to move onto the 5C book. I know this is not ideal as there will be a lot of new learning that we have not covered. If you are finding any on the content difficult please do not hesitate to contact me and I will try and give directions or even websites that should help. I have given lots of material, please do not feel you need to complete all of it, just do what you can. Remember if you need any more paper, pencils or other equipment please ask your parents to contact school and we'll arrange collection. 

This week when looking on the Oak National Academy website I would recommend for maths to have a look at the problem solving activities. For English have a look at the newspaper reports unit.

Missing you all lots,

Mrs Taylor. smiley




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