Celebrating Science week March 2018

Date: 23rd Apr 2018 @ 10:30am

As part of Science week March 9-18th we held numerous events during the week to showcase the STEM subjects.

Mr McNab demonstrated the history of computing by bringing into school computers from the past 40 years to showcase how far technology has advanced and more importantly Britain's significant role in computing.From the early business machines to 8 ,16 bit computers of the home computing boom of the 1980's through to the latest in Virtual reality technology.

Mr McNab also demonstrated as part of our science showcase how our bodies digest food . We used Augmented reality to look at the small and large intestines and Virtual reality headset to travel inside the stomach to see how our food is broken down . We worked in groups to create our own models of our digestive system to simulate how our body digests food and disposes of whats not needed !

Accrington Academy also visited us to demonstate  some science experiments including making slime !!!! Please see some of the photos taken during the week. We look forward to another STEM week very soon !

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