'Reaching our potential together in Christ'

School Governors

A message from our Chair of Governors 

History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.

Nelson Mandela

The Governors know that everyone (including the Governing Body!) is working hard. The progress which pupils are making is very good, and we hope that both they and the staff are enjoying their activities.

We know that everyone will keep on doing their very best to continue to raise standards and to make St Mary Magdalen’s a great place to be!

Mrs Vickie Howe 

LEA Chair of Governors

School Governors
The School's Governing Body is made up of members who are appointed/elected by the Diocesan Board of Education, The Parochial Church Council, the local authority , the staff and the parents.

The Governing Body

Foundation governors:

Mrs W Mattinson 

Mr A Wilson 

Mrs N Moore (Vice Chair)

Father David Arnold - Exofficio

Mrs J Windle

Parent governors:

Mrs M Fairweather


LEA governor:

Mrs V Howe

Staff governor:

Mr D Wilson





Appointed Governors


Mrs V Howe , Mrs W Matinson, Mrs N Moore, 

School Advisor



Mrs W Mattinson,  Mrs N Moore, Mr A Wilson

Pay Appeals


Any untainted Governors



Mrs W Mattinson, Headteacher Deputy Headteacher

Public Relations


Head teacher 
Buildings, Health & Safety

Head teacher

Mrs V Howe, Mrs W Mattinson, 

Mr A Wilson, Mr D Wilson, Mrs N Moore

Finance & Staffing

Head teacher 

Mrs W Mattinson, Mr A Wilson, Mr D Wilson,

Mrs N Moore Mrs V Howe Mrs H Bird

Curriculum/ Standards & Effectiveness

Head teacher

 Mrs V Howe, Mrs  W Mattinson,  Mrs N Moore, Mr D Wilson


Governors have registered no business interests

Otherwise : Nil

Relationships between Governors and Members of staff

Our Governors have made the following declarations to declare any potential conflicts of interest arising from any matter or agenda item discussed by the Governing body and its committees at each meeting.This is formally recorded the following declarations have been made by individual governors.


Mrs K Hardman Mother of Mr J Hardman 

Otherwise : Nil

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