Maths in Year 3

Date: 25th Apr 2018 @ 5:42pm

Marvellous Maths

We are currently learning all about fractions and how they link to division. We have been exploring unit and non unit fractions using bars of chocolate, for example 'What is 1/3 of 24?' In our class room we love practical maths lesson because it helps us to gain a better understanding of what we are doing. We have also been drawing diagrams to show our answers once we have solved the problem. 

We have learned the correct vocabulary, the 'top number' is called a numerator and the 'bottom number' is called a denominator. 

When we are confident we will be comparing and ordering fractions and counting on in halves, quarters and thirds.

Check our page for photos of our maths lessons!

Practising at home is a great way of consolidating our learning in school, here are some useful websites:


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