World Cup 2018 Homework

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11th June 2018

To celebrate the coming World Cup, each child has been randomly assigned a team.
Their homework will be to research the country they have been assigned. This research can be anything from making a factfile or quiz about the team, it's history, what the country is like, even make national dishes from the country they have chosen.

This homework can be as creative and interesting as you make it and there will be prizes for the child who has the winning team in the World Cup and the best pieces of homework will also earn a prize.
You’ve got to be in it to win it though, so make sure homework is brought in on time (Monday 16th July)

Good Luck!!

Argentina - Laila

Australia - Isaac

Belgium - Tattiana

Brazil - Jamie

Columbia  - Sam

Costa Rica - Laiba

Croatia - Elliott

Denmark - Rayhan

Egypt - Ibrahim

England - Jaiden 

France - Fallon

Germany - Keira

Iceland - Jack

Iran - Amelia

Japan - Noah

Mexico - Rylan

Morocco - Mr Wilson

Nigeria - Jacob

Panama - Areeba

Peru - Dalton

Poland - Holly

Portugal - Ammara

Russia - Mrs Yates

Saudi Arabia - Tobias

Senegal - Bradley

Serbia - Karimah

South Korea - Marcus

Spain - Aamna

Sweden - Megan

Switzerland - Zahraa

Tunisia - Mrs McNaught

Uruguay - Wiktoria 

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