'Reaching our potential in Christ'

Forest school

Lesson: EYFS

Class: Reception Year: 2020 - 2021

Well what an amazing afternoon we have had.


We all walked up to church this afternoon wrapped up and ready for forest school. When we arrived we listened to The Gruffalo story and went on a walk around the church grounds to find the different characters from the story. We then got split into three groups to do some different activities, everyone did each activity. One group was making The Gruffalo with the things they found like twigs, leaves and sticks and pushing them into the clay. The second group made tree decorations using pens on a slice of wood . The third group made bunting by squashing berries found around church in between two pieces of fabric using a hammer.

It was lots of fun but I think everyone loved the hot chocolate and marshmallows we had at the end.

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