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ONLINE Family Learning with Lancashire Adult Learning

FREE online courses for families across Lancashire to access.

Click on the links below to enrol on a course or contact laura.myers@nelsongroup.ac.uk for more information

Saturday Event:

Summer Sow and Grow for Families

Saturday 8th May, 1pm-2:30pmor primary school aged children and their parents/ carers. 

Join the Family Learning team on our FREE, online Summer Sow and Grow for Families and have a go at growing your own flowers and salads. You will also take part in our, 'How Tall Can You Grow' Sunflower Challenge and make some fantastic natural art creations!  A free resource pack is provided before the event. 

Enrol here: 


After School Family Clubs

Art Adventures (KS1 and KS1)

Wed 12th May x 3 weeks, 4-5:30pm for KS1 children and their parents/ carers

Thurs 13th May x 3 weeks, 4pm-5:30pm for KS1 children and their parents/ carers

Do you have a budding artist at home? Or do you want to gain innovative ideas that encourage your child to experiment with art? Enrol as a family onto our 3 week 'Arty Adventures' after school Art Club now! Free resource packs provided.

Enrol here:

KS1: https://portal.mis.nelsongroup.ac.uk/Page/U_PublicCourseDetails?uio_id=12716

KS2: https://portal.mis.nelsongroup.ac.uk/Page/U_PublicCourseDetails?uio_id=12718

Family LEGO Club

Wed 28th April x 3 weeks, 4-4.45pm for primary school aged childrenand their parents and carers

Our family LEGO club is designed to guide and encourage your children to look at planning and creating models with Lego whilst having fun as a family. The course will focus on completing challenges at home as a family with guidance from the teachers. Start encouraging and promoting creativity and engineering at a young age by enrolling onto our Mini Lego club course!

Enrol here: https://portal.mis.nelsongroup.ac.uk/Page/U_PublicCourseDetails?uio_id=12704

Family STEM Club

Thurs 13th May x 3 weeks,4pm-4:45pm for primary school aged childrenand their parents and carers

Join us as a Family and help your child develop crucial STEM (Science, technology, engineering and Maths) skills! This course is designed to guide and encourage your children to look at planning, creating and improving their models and creations…our topic for this course? FLIGHT! Work as a family to create models such rockets, helicopter and more! The course will focus on completing challenges at home as a family with guidance from the tutors. FREE resources provided. 

Enrol here: https://portal.mis.nelsongroup.ac.uk/Page/U_PublicCourseDetails?uio_id=12721

Parent/ carer only courses:

Closing the Gap: Phonics and Early Reading Skills

Thurs 29th April x 5 weeks, 12:45pm-2:45pm for parents/ carers of children in reception or year 1.

The unpredictability of this year has meant that lots of parents/ carers are concerned that the Coronavirus lockdown may have impacted their child's learning. This course aims to help improve the phonics and reading skills of children in Reception and Year 1. Over the 5 weeks, the course will enable you to develop your confidence, knowledge and skills around how you can support your children's emerging literacy skills. Its full of ideas, activities, games and resources you can use with your children at home. FREE resource pack provided.

Enrol here: https://portal.mis.nelsongroup.ac.uk/Page/U_PublicCourseDetails?uio_id=12714

Look Who's Talking

Wed 21st April x 5 weeks, 9:30am-12pm for parents of children aged 3-6yrs

During this course, you will have the opportunity to explore a range of speaking and listening activities that Early Year’s children are taught, these activities are aimed to develop your awareness as a family about communication skill, including: speaking, listening, interacting and understanding skills at home.
The course uses animal themed games/ activities, (including singing/ rhyme/ craft/ repetition), to encourage and develop speaking and listening skills. You will increase your skills and confidence to support your child’s speech and language development at home.

Enrol here:  https://portal.mis.nelsongroup.ac.uk/Page/U_PublicCourseDetails?uio_id=10858

Catch up with...English and Maths

Courses for various age ranges and available of various days/ times.

Our Catch Up courses are designed to focus on key areas and skills to help your child ‘catch up’ and build on and consolidate their knowledge. It will be full of opportunities for you, as a parent, to ask the tutor questions about the teaching methods used in school.

Enrol here: https://www.lal.ac.uk/what-we-do/family-learning/

Health and Wellbeing

Family Yoga

Saturday 1st may x 3 weeks, 10-11am for primary aged children and their parents/ carers

During this family learning course, you’ll use yoga to work as a team, build trust and bond as a family as well as improve physical and mental health AND have lots of fun too! A free resource pack is provided.

Enrol herehttps://portal.mis.nelsongroup.ac.uk/Page/U_PublicCourseDetails?uio_id=11766

You've got This: Health and Wellbeing for 8-11yr olds.

Fri 23rd April x 3 weeks, 9:30am-12pm for parents/carers of 8-11yr olds

This 3 week course covers practical strategies, tips, activities and ideas to support your child during this unsettling time. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and learn how to further support your child with their wellbeing in a friendly supportive environment.


Enrol here: https://portal.mis.nelsongroup.ac.uk/Page/U_PublicCourseDetails?uio_id=11795


Accredited Courses

We have a range of accredited courses this term for parents/ carers looking to work with children. Including:

Level 1 Award in Preparing to work in Schools

Fast Track Level 2- Support Work in Schools and Colleges

Level 1 Award in Caring for Children

These courses are FREE for those earning under £17,000 or on eligible benefits.


Enrol here: https://www.lal.ac.uk/what-we-do/childcare-and-education/



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